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We help you define your unique brand promise and develop a plan to execute your vision for your business. Whether retail packaged food, wholesale, online retail, manufacturing or restaurant business, we can help you achieve your goals. From concept to completion, our team of industry experts will guide you throughout every aspect of the process. Our services include business plans, strategy, F&B consulting, F&B menu analysis and development, quality assurance and compliance, nutritional analysis, location search, online retail setup, concept design services, staffing, product development, and marketing.

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About Us

Food & Beverage experts

Think Fools LLC is a full-service business consulting firm based in Los Angeles. Our area of focus is in the food & beverage industry. Our expertise includes consumer food products and packaged goods, import/export, certified organic, vegan, paleo and superfood products.  Founded by an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in the food & beverage industry, Think Fools provides targeted, customized strategies to ensure that your hospitality, consumer product or restaurant concept succeeds.


CLIENTS & industries we serve

Corporate Food Services
FOOD SERVICE STARTUPS Organic packaged foods
online retail/Wholesale
Food SciencE
Consumer Packaged Foods
meal kits



We help you define your unique brand and develop a plan to execute your vision for your consumer food or restaurant business. From conception to completion, our team of industry experts will help you throughout every aspect of the process.  Our services include:

  • Business plan assistance

  • F&B consulting from Concept to Creation

  • F&B menu planning, creation and analysis

  • Location search

  • Design services

  • Product development and launching

  • Develop/Consult on Packaging, Storing and Delivery of Consumer Packaged Food Products

  • Advise on Government and industry regulations and standards

  • Product Development and Testing

Food & Beverage Consulting

Our dedicated team works with clients to provide cost analysis, menu development, nutritional analysis, new flavors and recipes development, ingredient optimization, and anything else you may need relating to food and beverage. With nearly two decades of experience in food services, organic and superfood industry and fast-causal upscale dining concepts, our team of food scientists and other culinary and F&B business experts will guide you as you grow your brand.

Our capabilities: 

  • Food Sustainability Research

  • Food & Beverage Packaging 

  • Food Chemistry and Analysis

  • Food Processing Operations 

  • Shelf Stability; Standards for Products, Processes and Procedures

  • Nutritional Value and Safety Analysis

  • Evaluate Food processing and storage operations

  • Flavor Profile, Texture, Nutritional value and Convenience

  • Certified Organic

  • Vegan and Superfood Products

  • Keto

  • Paleo

GROwTH Strategy & Operations

Whether you want to grow, improve efficiency, or develop new operational standards, our team is here for you.  Our founder was the first to apply Six-Sigma methodology to the food service industry, resulting in productivity gain and increased profitability. Our services include:

  • Inspection and evaluation of food processing and storage operations

  • QA Development 

  • Sanitation Compliance and Advice

  • Health Inspection Advice

  • Food Processing Inspections

  • Compliance with government regulations 


Beer and Wine ABC License Brewery Advising Alcohol and Beverage Selection

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Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile

Concept to Creation Confections, Desserts, Chocolate, Macarons, Vegan Ice Cream, Superfoods, Healthy Snacks

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Food Science
Food Science

Flavor and Nutritional Analysis Shelf Stability Packaging Protocol Testing Q&A

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Healthy Food
Healthy Food

Superfoods Organic Vegan Paleo Keto Lifestyle Foods

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Fast Casual
Fast Casual

Healthy Fast Food Fast Casual Concept Development Meal Kits

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Fine Dining Catering Food Trucks Fast Casual Meal Delivery and Kit Services

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Mexican Restaurant

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